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World's Largest Film Production Line In Austria Opened

Recently, SML Lenzing machinery in Austria showed the world's largest film production line. Austria SML Corporation is the world's leading manufacturers of plastics processing machinery, mainly engaged in the research and design of plastics processing machinery and production.

MasterCast production line of the company is higher than market any stretch film on line this stretch film production line provides a 6 m film width available, net output capacity of around 4,500 kilograms per hour. Due to the broad dimensions of the line, the line can produce thicker stretch film, pallet packaging film products.

The line 6 extruder die of and a width of up to 7 meters and advanced cooling. In addition, the thickness of products through the production line equipped with double infrared measuring instrument for testing, determine whether the product meets the standards. The system is also equipped with a three turret W4000-25 winder, the device can produce rolls weighing up to 60 kg. However, the line is also suitable for small size products output.

Compared to other companies, SML company has been in a leading position in plastics processing machinery, development relative to other more diversified and comprehensive, including cast film and laminating systems, coating, extrusion and sheet production line, spinning and related equipment.