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Why Paper Engle Corner Are Favored By The Packaging Industry

paper engle corner, also known as paper wrap angle or corner board, edge plate, corner paper, paper angle steel, is gauze tube paper and cardboard pressed by a complete set of setting machines. Its two ends are smooth, without obvious burrs and perpendicular to each other, and can replace 100% wood for recycling.It is an ideal new type of green packaging material and one of the most popular packaging products in the world. It is often used to replace wood packaging and other heavy packaging. 

More is, it has the price low, the weight is light, strong, conforms to the environmental protection request and so on the characteristic.

The main type of paper corner protection are L-shaped and U-shaped and other shapes.When used in goods stacking, it can strengthen the edge support of packaging and protect its overall packaging, belonging to green packaging materials, can replace wood 100% recycling waste paper recycling, not only reduce the amount of wood, less logging. 

but also protect the ecological environment and save water.

It is calculated that 5 cubic meters of wood, 60 cubic meters of water and 300 kilowatt hours of electricity can be saved by using waste paper to produce 1 ton of new paper. As a new packaging material for edge protection, corner protection, top protection, and bottom protection, paper corner protection has opened up a new way of "containerless packaging." 

All kinds of goods, which only need to protect their edges, do not have to be contained as a whole. 

This is the industrial production, transportation and other industries benefit greatly, but also more energy conservation and environmental protection.

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