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What Is The Difference Between Stretch Film And Protective Film?

What is the difference between stretch film and protective film?

1. The materials are the same and the process is different:

Stretch film is made of PE polyethylene, which is a kind of tough material. It is not easy to be pulverized by ordinary plastic pulverizer, and the main material of protective film is made of ethylene as master batch by polymerization reaction, according to the materials used and added. Different plasticizers, plastic wrap is divided into many types and can be applied to different occasions.

2, the use is not the same:

Stretch film is mainly used in the sale and transportation of various products such as alcohol, cans, mineral water, various beverages, cloth, non-food, pharmaceutical packaging, etc., and the protective film is mainly used for microwave food heating, Refrigerator food preservation, fresh and cooked food packaging, etc., in the field of family life, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and industrial food packaging.

3. The starting point of environmental protection is different:

The material pe of the stretched film can reduce the atmospheric pollution, reduce the amount of waste treatment, recycle the recycling, and reduce the overall packaging cost. However, some manufacturers use PVC materials, and the plasticizer can be used from the plastic wrap at normal temperature. Infiltration into the packaged high-fat foods poses a greater hazard to the human endocrine system.

In summary, the above is the difference between the stretch film and the protective film summarized by the technicians of Chengxing Packaging. I hope that I can help you. I want to know more about the product of stretch film. Please pay attention to the official website of Chengxing Packaging. !