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The Difference Between PVC And PE Plastic Wrap

The distinctive features of PE cling film are: PE cling film has a wide range of applications, PE cling film can be used to contain fat foods, and PE cling film can also be heated in a microwave oven, the temperature does not exceed 110 degrees Celsius. In addition, distinguish different types of cling film tips:

1, see transparency. PE plastic film transparency is poor, PVC preservation film transparency better.

2, pull the experiment. PE plastic wrap is small in tension and PVC plastic wrap is large in tension.

3, fire experiments. PE cling film is easy to burn, will drop oil, there is a candle flavor; PVC cling film burning black smoke, produce a pungent odor.

4, PVC cling film self-adhesive is much stronger than PE cling film.

How to use PVC cling film

As pvc cling film is cheaper than other cling film, so there are still many families choose pvc cling film, in fact, pvc cling film as long as no heating, no contact with greasy foods, only used to keep fresh fruits and vegetables or no problem.