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The Difference Between PET Packing Tape And PP Packing Tape

    PET strapping alias steel strap, referred to as plastic steel belt. It is a product that is gradually replacing the metal strap. The main component of PET is polyester resin. According to the color can be divided into black plastic steel belt and green plastic steel belt, according to the production process can also be divided into embossed plastic steel belt and smooth plastic steel belt. The main raw material of PP strapping tape is polypropylene. According to the different raw materials, it can be divided into three types: pure material, recycled material, and sandwich material. Among them, the pure material PP strapping belt is also called new material and contains a higher polypropylene component. Let's take a look at the respective characteristics and differences between these two types of packing.

    PET packing belt is characterized by strong tensile strength, small elongation, good temperature resistance, good safety, and good economic efficiency. PET packing belt is more suitable for large paper coupons, cartons, plastic films (bags) and other materials, and more. Suitable for long-distance transportation use. Flammable, leaving the flame to continue burning. Flames are yellow, black smoke; slight swelling, sometimes cracking, styrene smell.

    PP strapping is characterized by good plasticity, bending resistance, strong pull-out force, lighter material, and bright color, which makes it convenient to use, but it is more suitable for carton packing or other lighter objects. Translucent to opaque, transparent film texture. Flammability: Flammable in flames. Slowly extinguish or continue burning after leaving the flame. When burning, the upper end of the flame is yellow and the lower end is blue; there is a phenomenon of melting and dripping. Can smell the smell of paraffin.