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The Characteristics And Scope Of Use Of Cotton Double-sided Tape

When the tape manufacturer produces double-sided adhesive tape for cotton paper, it is made of easy-to-tear gauze fiber as the substrate, coated with high-viscosity hot-melt double-sided tape, and compounded with double-sided release paper.

The double-sided tape of cotton paper has anti-bounce, warp, heat resistance and temperature resistance, and also has strong adhesive force and holding force. It has better adhesion to a variety of substrates, is easy to tear, and is clean. Good adhesion to rough surfaces, oily surfaces, chemical fibers, kapok fabrics, etc.; available in a variety of models and colors. The double-sided tape of cotton paper is suitable for veneer bonding. It is suitable for the bonding of stamping type, nameplate and membrane switch. It can be used for attaching logos, photos, envelopes, hooks, etc. It can also be used to prepare different materials according to the user's use; it can also be used for leather, nameplates, paper crafts, stationery and general paste in the home.

Note that the double-sided tape of cotton paper must be stored in a dry and clean warehouse, the temperature is 5 °C - 30 °C, and the storage period is one year. Avoid mixing with organic solvents and sharp objects, and do not roll or throw.