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Tape Two Points To Pay Attention To

   On the one hand, because the adhesion of the tape occurs, it is the moisture of the adhesive on the surface of the tape. After the adhesive is applied to the adhesive, it is quickly dried and the tape becomes a part of the adhesive, so the surface of the adhesive will be adhered. Microporosity is very important for the choice of tape. If the microporosity is more or the moisture absorption is larger, it is necessary to use a tape that is quickly condensed by the adhesive. Otherwise, it is a tape with a slower coagulation speed, or contains more adhesive. Tape of the agent.

   On the other hand, the tape is coated with an adhesive on the bottom tape, which is usually dried and then finished into a roll. If the adhesive tape is too moist, the tape itself will stick tightly together, and it is difficult to open when used. can not be used.