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PE Stretch Film Length And Weight

The weight and length of PE stretch film are calculated differently. The weight of each roll is different, and its weight is different. The formula for calculation is the same, but some units need to pay attention to the conversion. Sometimes, sometimes a decimal point error, the result will be a lot worse, so we must pay special attention to it, then we will briefly explain.

The first important point is that PE stretch film has a fixed specific gravity, its specific gravity is 0.925, and the specific gravity of PVC is 1.325, but their calculation formulas are the same, and one thing I want to emphasize is about Thickness conversion, we often hear customers say that I want a few thick film, this wire is also commonly used in the film industry, 1 wire = 0.01 mm = 10 microns.

Calculation formula: length * width * thickness (m * m * mm) * specific gravity = net weight, net weight + die weight = gross weight.

Note: Conventional PE dies are 0.3KG, 0.5KG, 1KG, while other films are generally calculated on gross weight, and the weight of the dies is about 10% of the total weight.

For example, we know its length, width and thickness, then we can use the above formula to accurately calculate the weight of this roll of PE stretch film. Conversely, knowing the weight width and thickness can also calculate the length of a roll. Below we will give a practical example.

1. PE stretch film with a width of 1 meter and a thickness of 2.5 filaments. It is required to make 800 meters per roll and 1KG for the core. What is the gross weight of this roll?

Answer: 1*0.025*800*0.925=18.5KG, 18.5+1=19.5KG.

2. The film with a width of 50cm and a thickness of 2 wires requires a volume of 5KG. The weight of the die is 0.6KG. What is the length of this roll?

Answer: (5-0.6)/0.925/0.02/0.5=475.7 meters.

3. The film with a width of 7cm, the thickness of 3 silk, a volume of about 0.3KG, ask how many meters is a roll?

Answer: (0.3-0.3*0.1)/1.325/0.03/0.07=97 meters.

How to calculate the length of the PE stretch film, and how to calculate its weight, we have already understood through the above introduction, we can basically calculate its weight and length through this formula, but different conditions must be Specific analysis and judgment.