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Part Of The Tape

High-temperature tape, high-temperature adhesive tape refers to the use of High-temperature operating environment adhesive tape. Water tape, the special tape is the Japanese brand of tape, can be used for nickel-hydrogen battery fixed polar ears. Color tape, refers to the color of the tape. Import tape refers to the import of tape from abroad. Heat-resistant tape This special tape itself is very heat-resistant and can be used for high adhesion of iron parts. OPP tape, the general transparent sealing gum are basically opp tape.Tape

Health tape, this special tape generally refers to PE and pet as the base material, the import temperature-resistant resin for coating. The principle of transparent tape with adhesive tape We knew when we were young, remember to use Scotch tape to roll the pom-poms? We use this principle of double-sided tape can also remove double-sided tape traces. Sodium water is a chemical substance, it is mainly used in a variety of nitro paint dilution, here it can also be used to remove double-sided adhesive traces, but also useful paint thinner is also possible.Tape 

The use of hair dryer, the use of adhesive tape in the heat softening principle, the use of hair dryer tape heating softened, which can be easily removed.Tape

Wash nail water also has to remove double-sided adhesive traces of the miraculous. Balm we know that the headache is dizzy when the rub, here balm can also remove double-sided adhesive traces. Cleaning agent or decontamination ointment to remove double-sided adhesive traces is also very effective. Transparent tape can be applied to such a wide range, mainly because of the composition of its tape, composition determines its role, the main components of the Scotch tape, transparent tape mainly has two parts: Film and adhesives.Tape 

Film, transparent tape a total of two sides, one side is sticky side is not sticky, and the sticky side is because of the adhesive coating, and the above layer of film is transparent tape. Adhesives, in the past technology has not so developed in the era, adhesives are made of natural rubber, and now less natural rubber, people have studied the synthetic rubber production adhesives Tape