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Packaging Development Of Packing Belt

In recent years, with the rapid development of information technology and pharmaceutical packaging industry, the International paper industry is also constantly penetrating into the packaging field, in view of the characteristics of different industries, different products on the special requirements of packaging, developed to meet user security, personalized design, easy to print the appearance of a neat, economic and reasonable variety of The quality of drugs is closely related to the packaging process, packaging materials and automation level.Packing Belt 

But at present, the whole industry packaging design, paperboard selection is still in a relatively original state. In particular, for many years the majority of domestic drugs are sold through the hospital to the patient's hands, patients with little choice of drugs, it does not care about the packaging of drugs.Packing Belt

With the reform of medical system and the implementation of drug classification management, the proportion of patients ' choice of drugs will be greatly improved, and the aesthetic packaging can impact on consumers ' vision, produce a sense of trust in the quality of medicines, and thus improve the purchase desire. Therefore, the pharmaceutical enterprises should pay enough attention to the packaging appearance, packaging design and the quality of outer packing. Especially for OTC drugs, packaging will be an important means of market competition.Packing Belt

It is also important to pay attention to the added value of high quality white cardboard. High stiffness and loose thickness, cardboard will bring good die-cutting and indentation effect, make the medicine box's molding effect more stable, exquisite; for the need to pass the automatic packaging line of the medicine box, its good performance, can improve the packaging speed, reduce the bad result of the drug box formed by the downtime and scrap rate, This is also a factor that can not be neglected in reducing the overall cost.Packing Belt

Due to the development of thin metal foil technology, metal foil species greatly increased, the main varieties have gold foil, copper foil, stainless steel foil, aluminum foil, titanium foil, beryllium foil, "Palladium foil, tantalum foil, nickel foil, silver foil, lead foil, zinc foil, iron foil and nickel-and other alloy foil village." The development direction of the metal foil material has three kinds: super long, super thin, super thin, more cavities;Packing Belt