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Interpretation Of The Characteristics Of Double-sided Tape

  Double-sided tape is made of BOPP film as base material and coated with emulsion-type pressure-sensitive adhesive. Due to its weather resistance, high tensile strength, light weight, and low cost, the double-sided tape has a very wide range of applications. , And now double-sided tape is suitable for a variety of packaging and sealing, especially in carton packaging and sealing, and can be combined with automatic packaging machine sealing, and now slowly double-sided tape has become the mainstream of packaging materials. Double-sided tapes are available in clear, beige, brownish, earthy, coffee, white, blue, red, green,orange and black. The user can select the appropriate color to purchase according to their preferences or related needs. Here double-sided tape manufacturers also need to remind everyone that in the choice of the use of double-sided tape is not the same environment, you can use when targeted to operate, for example, can be used in light and heavy different sealing Of course, the operation method is basically the same.

  The demand for double-sided adhesive tape on the market is very large, mainly because many packaging industries need to use it. Some of the previous tape features are relatively single and may be used at the very beginning, but with related technologies. Development, the previous tape can no longer meet the requirements, so slowly there are many new products have been developed, double-sided tape is the follow-up to be developed based on the improvement.

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