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How Should High Temperature Tape Be Kept In Peacetime?

1. The high temperature tape should be stored in the warehouse to avoid sun and rain. It is forbidden to contact with the organic solvent of acid and alkali oil, keep it clean and dry, and the room temperature is between -15 °C and 40 °C away from the discovery device.


2, do not let the high temperature tape snake or creep, to maintain the drag roller, the vertical roller is flexible, the tension should be moderate.


3, high-temperature tape should be placed in a roll, not folded, when the storage time is too long, should be flipped once a quarter.


4, the type of high temperature tape, specifications should be reasonably selected according to the needs of use and specific conditions.


5. It is not allowed to connect (group) high temperature tapes of different varieties, different specifications, strengths and layers.


6, cleanliness is the basic condition for the good operation of high temperature tape, foreign substances will affect the belt eccentricity, tension difference, and even break.


7. When the high temperature adhesive tape is found to have early damage during use, it is necessary to find the cause and repair in time to avoid the occurrence of adverse consequences.


    The above is the introduction of the relevant knowledge about the tape, if necessary, you can contact us at any time, the manufacturer is looking forward to your inquiries!