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How Choose The Correct Printing Tape For You

Nowadays, in order to promote their own company, most manufacturers choose to use their own printing tape and put their own logo brand on the tape. When packing the box, they need a variety of tapes, so these printing tapes play a role in the product packaging. Important role, but there are too many types of printing tapes in the mall. How should we choose the printing tape?

The quality of the printing tape not only affects the quality of the product packaging, but also whether the packaging can proceed smoothly. Printing tape as a packaging consumable used in conjunction with the baler, with the continuous improvement of the function of the baler and a wide range of shopping mall applications, its usage has also increased significantly. The low-cost packing belt in the shopping mall contains a lot of recycled materials. The printed printing tape made of recycled materials is 3-6 times different from the packing belt processed with the same amount of pure material, not only the number of meters is small but the quality is unstable. . According to the packing machine to select the printing tape, the semi-automatic baler has low automation, the quality of the printing tape is not very strict, and the automatic baling machine is unmanned, and the quality requirements of the printing tape are high, such as encountering the packing tape specification. Not standard, it is very simple to cause the strapping machine can not be circulated, which affects the packaging smoothly.

The logo template of the current printing tape is manufactured by the manufacturer. The template of the printing tape is divided into copper plate and offset plate. The functions of the two templates are different. Nowadays, the printing on the shopping mall is divided into two types. The copper plate is suitable for printing in large quantities, generally 700-1000 rolls. The offset printing plate is also a small batch printing that is newly produced in the mall. It can also be printed within 100 rolls. However, since it is a small batch, the machine and the manual are both costly in production, so the price is higher than that of the copper plate. The quality of the two is high. In comparison, the quality of the copper plate is also higher. So how to accurately choose the printing tape, it depends on the amount of tape you use.

Choosing the right printing tape is not only good quality but also saves money.