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High Quality Transparent Stretch Film For Packing Delivery To The United States

What a busy day! Our company has a number of stretch film to the US customer Mr. matan, Mr. matan is the United States local stretch film traders, because Mr. matan customers need a number of high quality stretch film, matan Mr. Alibaba found us and made an inquiry.




At the time of the initial offer, we offer an ordinary price, but at the time of the negotiations, Mr. matan is willing to establish a long-term relationship with our company, so we offer a special price, the price is almost close to the cost, but also need Mr. matan Buy a certain number of stretch film.



So how to find the High Quality Transparent Stretch Film For Packing? Just here!

Shenzhen ChengXing Packing & Material Co., Ltd is established in 2004. We have well-known partners, such as Anway, Wal-mart, Office Depot, Lenovo etc. Our main products are stretch film, cling film, shrink film, packing belt, adhesive tape, printed tape, corner protector, pallets etc. Please contact us if you are in need or interest in this. Thanks.

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