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Food Safety Analysis Of Food Cling Film

Food packaging with the manufacture of vapor deposition, by the evaporation of the project, cutting works, inspection works composed of three projects, the evaporation of the film on the quality of the film to do, cut the project to improve the accuracy of the product, and then after a very strict Of the inspection works, available to customers. Food Cling Film

Mainly aluminum, zinc, and copper. The steaming machine is divided into a coiling chamber and a vapor deposition chamber, and the metal is heated under high vacuum so that it is uniformly vaporized and plated on the surface of the film. The pressure under high vacuum is as great as the pressure in the sky. (Height 100 ~ 300km)Food Cling Film

High vacuum pump can be achieved in the base film on the deposition of metal high vacuum pump, the vacuum pump in the high vacuum pump before the operation of the central pump. The initial pump starts from the atmosphere to create a vacuum initial pump. The film is fed from the roll side to the lower part of the CC-1 (cooling roll) and into the vapor deposition chamber. The finished film is cooled and rolled out of the roll.Food Cling Film

Two new packaging films made from ordinary polyethylene (PVC) materials have been introduced to the market to identify whether the packaged foodstuffs are genetically modified. The use of this specially treated packaging PVC film, can identify its packaging content such as soybean oil is processed from transgenic soybean raw materials. Even for only 5% -10% transgenic soybean food, can also be identified clearly. France also introduced to the market dedicated to the packaging of meat double laminated film, the outer layer is a special structure and performance of high-density polyethylene film, the inner layer is edible paper. With the film packaging of meat can solve the common material packaging of meat will leach blood and grease, close to the meat is not easy to separate and make the surface of the problem of crusty, to maintain the original meat color, smell and taste.Food Cling Film