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Why Does The Sealing Tape Have Bubbles?

The tape we use to seal and seal the packaging we see every day is usually called sealing tape, scotch tape and so on. Many customers have these questions when buying sealant. Now Shenzhen Yongshengfeng Tape Co., Ltd. Xiaobian is here to answer your questions.


 Many of the reasons why there are fewer bubbles in the sealing tapes bought in the market or supermarkets are that the length of the package is less than 100 yards, because the time of the storage is long, the bubbles will slowly disappear automatically, and the transparent part can be seen from the outside. Paper tube inside. The longer the tape is placed, the longer it will become transparent and the bubbles will not be visible.


 Of course, there is also a tape produced by imported machines, which will be re-rolled from the air after production, and the tape produced is also completely transparent, but the cost will increase a lot. However, the tapes used for packaging and sealing in China are generally not required, because the bubbles in the tape do not affect the quality of the tape, such as the tension and the viscosity are not related to the bubble, so manufacturers do not have to care about this problem can be used with confidence. The sealing glue that the manufacturer just produced has bubbles. After a period of time, the bubble will disappear automatically. The longer the placement time, the higher the transparency of the tape.