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Common Problems And Treatment Methods Of Stretched Film

Stretch film generally does not have quality problems under normal use, but if we do not pay attention during use or storage, it will easily lead to product problems. If it is not adjusted in time, it will affect our normal use, then it will be Let's analyze some common problems and how to deal with them:

First, the film under the film phenomenon

There are many factors that cause the film under the stretch film to fall off the film, including the width of the lower film is too narrow, the chain clamp is not tight, and the film is biased.

Solution: We can cut the lower film to make it wider, ensure the width of the chain, and adjust the position of the lower film to match the center of the lower film with the center of the chain.

Second, the phenomenon of poor molding

The factors causing the poor forming effect of the stretched film are mainly that the heating plate is not heated enough, the heating temperature is not matched, the temperature is high or the temperature is low.

Solution: repair the heating plate, make it heat normally, ensure the full supply of heat; reduce or increase the temperature of the heating plate, adjust the temperature of the heating plate to the appropriate temperature range; select the appropriate specifications for stretching, heavy stretching Thick film, lightly stretched with a thinner film.

Third, the phenomenon of poor heat sealing, it appears separate stratification

There are many factors that cause this cause, including its low heat seal temperature or hot cover errors inside and outside the upper and lower membranes.

Solution: Raise the heat cover temperature to reach the temperature required for the inner layer heat sealing material; adjust the hot cover of the upper and lower films to ensure that the hot cover of the upper and lower films correspond.

Fourth, there is gas in the product packaging

Solution: Repair the heat sealing plate, remove the foreign matter, and ensure the smooth flow of the air hole; replace the upper film, use a good film to ensure no air leakage.

V. Wrinkles appear on the packaging film of the product

Solution: The design of the upper and lower membranes is symmetrical, reducing the stress of different stretched membrane structures; controlling the tension of the upper and lower membranes to avoid uneven tension; the products should be placed neatly during the sterilization process to avoid mutual interaction between the products. extrusion.

After the problem of the stretched film, we solved it by the above method. In order to avoid further expansion of the problem, we need to control it in time. When we use other faults during use, we need to follow the actual situation. Analysis and judgment are also to ensure the quality of use and production efficiency of our products.

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