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Application Area Of Luminous Tape

I believe that many people have ever dreamed of space, although there is no way to freely go into space, but it is possible to transform the room into a spacecraft to have a dry addiction. The tape manufacturers told us that Japanese netizens found that the use of luminous tape can perfectly reproduce the atmosphere of the sci-fi spacecraft, making it easy to turn the room into a science fiction battleship! So what are the tapes for those areas?

1. The prototype structure of the sound once it shines also looks super sci-fi!

        2, computer keyboard or stage controller Many of these buttons need to work in the dark, with the luminous tape to help it is not a problem!

        3, it is not easy to embed the illuminating parts into the model. The easiest way is to embellish with luminous tape, but it will be very powerful!

        4, like the model, luminous tape is also suitable for decorating COSPLAY props, but it is not too luminous to see the effect of shooting out...