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A New Products On The Market

New Products On The Market In 2019!

New Products On The Market! Iust now a new product is produce successfully.                      

What a surprise have occured is that!

The following are the latest one products picture that have been successfully produced by our company through  research and development for a while, and  produced by the product manufacturing factory in Dongguan. It is  Soft and transparent plastic wrap .look carefully.

show picture 1show picture 1show picture 1

Ordinary packing specifications are 1 volume, 2 volumes, 4 volumes. You can also give advice on the length and width of the packaging and give your requirements according to the number of volumes in each box and others. If you still want to know more about this product, please click on the link. 

If this link does not respond after clicking, please copy and paste this link, then scan the web page.

THere is a detailed introduction and other details about this product, which can help you decide whether to buy our products, etc.