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Analysis On Material Process Of Food Cling Film

Food packaging with the manufacture of steam plating, by the steam plating works, slitting works, inspection works of 3 of engineering components, steam plating on the quality of the film to make, slitting the precision of the product to lift up, and then after a very strict inspection works, to provide customers with.Food Cling Film 

Mainly aluminum, zinc, and copper. The steam plating machine is divided into a coiling chamber and a steam plating chamber, which heats the metal in a high vacuum, so that it is uniformly evaporated on the surface of the film. Pressure under high vacuum is as stressful as the aurora in the sky. (highly 100~300km) the thickness of the steamed gold-plated genus from 100 to 20000 aye.Food Cling Film

Liquid soft Plastic Packaging film used in the film material is mainly polyethylene (PE) coextrusion film, it must meet the packaging printing, processing, storage and hygiene requirements. From the appearance of the film can be seen, can be divided into three categories: soft milky white PE film, black and Whites coextrusion pe film, hard High-temperature cooking pe film. Soft milky white PE film is mainly used in milk, soy sauce, vinegar and other simple liquid packaging, coextrusion blown film masterbatch by LDPE, LLDPE and milky white material composition. The membrane in the performance, barrier performance is relatively poor, sterilization temperature does not exceed 90 ℃, shelf life is relatively short, generally used in manual or low-speed filling equipment. such as low-grade milk packaging, the general shelf life of up to three days, near sales.Food Cling Film

Hard High-temperature Cooking PE film, mainly used in yogurt, soy milk and other dairy beverages, content in the sterilization after filling, the use of ultra-high temperature sterilization process. Rigid PE film with HDPE Masterbatch as the main body, adding part of the LDPE and nonferrous masterbatch, therefore, hard PE film has a good high-temperature resistance, can meet the requirements of ultra-high temperature sterilization. Because of sterilization when there is a poor pressure, easy to produce "bulging bag" phenomenon, so the requirements of hard PE film not only have a good thermal seal strength, but also the tensile strength of the film is better, color printing manufacturers generally use "three meters high" or "people single foot" test results.Food Cling Film

The liquid package is processed in the process of filling, circulation and storing. To be high-temperature sterilization or refrigeration process, so the inherent defects of the polyamide table printing inks can not meet the requirements of liquid packaging, the production of liquid color printing manufacturers must be for different types of coextrusion PE film, the use of non-polyamide type of the table printing inks, At present in the market the most suitable liquid packaging inks are polyester and modified products, has a single liquid type and two-liquid reactive inks.Food Cling Film